Nintendo not going out of business any time soon

Websites are constantly reporting that Nintendo is failing, that its stock is dropping, and that it's losing money fast. While that was the case over the past year, Nintendo will definitely not be going anywhere for the next several years. According to a recent report, Nintendo has enough cashola in the bank to last it at least four more decades, and that's if the company suffers horrible financial losses in that time.

The Big N's financial data indicates that it currently has 812.8 billion yen stashed away. That's about $10.5 billion. And just to be clear, it would take years and years (and a few more years after that) worth of failures for the company to lose that much money. Oh yeah, Nintendo is definitely going out of business within the next couple of years.

Of course, Nintendo also has other valuable stock, and GamesRadar reports that it would take another several decades for the company to lose its "premises, equipment, and investments." By that time, it would probably be the year 2075. Of course, Nintendo also owns some of the most valuable, recognizable, and marketable franchises in the history of the video game industry. I'm certain Mario and Zelda are worth more than a few coins.

So there you have it, folks. Yes, the Wii hasn't generated much cash as of late. And yes, the 3DS had to get a drastic price cut. But no, Nintendo is not going anywhere any time soon. Seriously, I always find it ridiculous and stupid when analysts make bold claims about Nintendo being in danger, because someone like me, who doesn't really know about the financial side of the industry, knows that the company is rolling around in piles of money.

It brings a big smile to my face when I'm proven right, and so, so many people are proven wrong.