Nintendo lists La-Mulana for September release on WiiWare

Could it be? Is this actually happening? Is this some sort of vile trickery on the part of Nintendo? Whatever it is, for now we can assume that La-Mulana is headed to WiiWare next month.

Just a couple of short months ago, developer Nicalis announced that it wouldn't be releasing the remake of La-Mulana, a freeware indie gem, on Nintendo's download service. It was a sad day for gamers who wanted to experience the challenging 2D title on their home consoles. Of course, digital download site Playism immediately picked up the remake and released it for folks to enjoy.

Now it seems as if La-Mulana is landing on WiiWare after all. The game is scheduled to appear on the download platform on Thursday, September 20 to coincide with the Big N's usual round of digital titles. It's being published by EnjoyUp Games and will be priced at 1,000 Wii Points.

I'm glad to see that La-Mulana is going to be available on WiiWare. If this all goes as planned, you can definitely expect a review of the game right here on GameZone. Stay tuned, indie game aficionados!


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