Nintendo hosting Wii U preview event in NYC later this month

Nintendo could be planning to take the Wii U console on tour in attempt to show off their new tablet-based console.  Set to release later this year, Nintendo looks to be planning events to give gamers a "sneak peek" of the Wii U, if a report by RipTen is to be believed.

Outside of Nintendo representatives at E3 confirming the tour, the site reportedly received an email invitation to a Wii U preview event being held in New York City. later this month. According to the site it is an exclusive invitation sent because they are a Club Nintendo member.

The invitation says those who attend will receive "hands-on experience with the revolutionary new touch screen controller, full HD graphics, and innovative games".

The event looks to take place June 26 – June 30 and is, at this time, by invite only. Hopefully other cities will be included in this tour. Even the site itself isn't sure if it is for media only or if the general public will soon get a chance to experience the Wii U.

In other news, at E3 this week, NIntendo also shed more details on the Wii U's new GamePad tablet controller and announced the system will support two.  We also had some hands-on time with the console and the GamePad which is actually incredibly light.