Nintendo files copyright claim against 3D-printed Pokemon planter, may open talks with creator

Artist Claudia Ng found an almost literal 15 minutes of fame with her 3D-printed ceramic Bulbasaur planters, as her design was quickly pulled from its original Shapeways post following a copyright claim from Nintendo and the Pokémon company.

“Shapeways got a cease and desist from Pokémon International for infringement,” Ng told Polygon. “They received this on Friday, and Shapedays took it down within the last hour.

“They are asking for all the money associated with this model and shapeways will not be printing or shipping any order from the past few days.”

Ng may open up direct contact with Pokémon International, ideally in the hopes of continuing the planter line but potentially to discuss harsher repercussions to the infringement claim, but has not confirmed any details regarding such a meeting.


The early build of the planter.

“It’s not that surprising. I just expected that they would go after people with more infringing designs,” she added. “Although I admit that it was inspired by my personal favorite starter Pokémon. It’s generic-ness has been adored by people who are not Pokémon fans. Most commonly recognized as a Fat Cat. I’ve also had requests to do other animals and creatures.”

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[Shapeways via Polygon]