Nintendo eShop upcoming deals and details

If you're pumped about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS XL, but you're thinking to yourself, what am I going to do to hold myself over until then?! Nintendo has you covered with some upcoming deals and releases coming to the eShop.

Starting June 22nd and ending on the 24th, you'll be able to purchase the classic Super Mario Land, which coincidentally is Mario's first ever handheld adventure, for a discounted rate of $2.99.

If you're a fan of retro games, Nintendo's got you covered. Starting July 5th and against until August 1st, you'll be able to download two new Virtual Console games every week. Some of those classics will include The Legend of Zelda for NES, Kirby's Pinball Land for Gameboy, and Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 for Gameboy.

For photographing aficionados that love seeing their pictures in 3D, Nintendo is making the whole experience more social. Starting July 2nd, 3DS users will be able to submit their photos HERE, which is a curated online photo gallery, where users can submit and vote on favorite pictures that can ultimately become '3D Photos of the Week', and will be easily shared through other social media outlets.