Nintendo deepens the Direct mystery with oddly aware yet ambiguous tweet

This is an emotional rollercoaster.

switch nintendo direct

There’s been plenty going on in the Nintendo world today. First, retailers find mysterious game listings for the Nintendo Switch, then GameStop tweets (and deletes) about an unannounced Nintendo Direct.

Update: The Nintendo Direct happened! Here are the announcements.

Now, Nintendo has continued on the path of confusing their frothing fanbase. The official Nintendo of America Twitter account tweeted a picture of Chibi Robo on fire with no associated text.

This would be confusing enough without context, but it might have a deeper meaning. Last month, ResetEra, had a forum titled “What is a Nintendo Direct in January? A Chibi Robo on fire.”

Nintendo Direct

That a definite link… It means that Nintendo has seen it all. All the fan wishes, complaints and Reggie memes.

After tweeting an image Chibi Robo on fire, Nintendo NY tweeted a picture of a hotdog man.

It’s unclear if they are related, but I’m siding with the flaming Chibi Robo prophet, not the weiner man. The question is, will there even be a direct?!