Nintendo 3DS XL will be the last model for a while

More than two 3DS handheld systems would "perplex" consumers, according to Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata. Coming off the announcement of a brand new, larger 3DS XL, Iwata has said adding a third model – perhaps one with a built-in Circle Pad Pro – could overwhelm users. As a result, Nintendo has no plans to revise the 3DS hardware "in the near future".

"A user will get lost with too many choices," he said at a Nintendo meeting today.

While I sort of understand where Iwata is coming from with this, I don't think I really agree with Nintendo's approach. The current 3DS has an add-on for the Circle Pad Pro. You'd think, when they designed the 3DS XL, they would take that demand into consideration and release it with one already built-in. But no, the 3DS XL has larger screens, a better battery life, and no extra circle pad.

Why not just release a 3DS with an extra circle pad on board!? That would simplify things a whole lot more! Instead, we've got the 3DS XL that will have its own release of a Circle Pad Pro for it which will likely be larger than the current one for the 3DS. You're right Iwata, that isn't as confusing as having just a third option with everything users want all-in-one device.

The 3DS XL is created with an updated form factor and screens that are 90% larger than the original 3DS. Iwata has said the new, larger 3DS was created to "fulfill the need" for a larger screen. What about the need for another circle pad, damnit!?

[Genji2Game via Kotaku]