Nintendo 2DS announced, removes the 3DS’ third-dimension

What do you get when you remove the 3DS' third-dimension? Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right?

No joke here, folks. Nintendo did just that and announced a Nintendo 2DS, a new handheld a different take on the extremely popular 3DS. Available on October 12th for $129.99, the 2DS is fully compatible with all 3DS and DS games, except that it removes the ability to play games in 3D. It still features all of the functionality of the 3DS (touchscreen, WiFi, local multiplayer, relative screen size, etc.) — even the 3D cameras, though images are only viewable in 2D unless transferred to the 3DS device.

The 2DS ditches the clamshell design of the DS and 3DS models, opting for a slate-like look. The system is still able to be put to sleep using a slider that replicates closing the clamshell on the 3DS. WiFi can also be turned off, though it's done via controls int eh software rather than with a physical switch. The 2DS includes only one speaker, though stereo is available through the hardware jack. It's also said to be considerably lighter than the 3DS.

The 2DS will launch in red and blue models to start and will be sold alongside the standard 3DS (still available for $169.99) and 3DS XL ($199.99). The 3DS is Nintendo's most successful console of late; the company is probably hoping a price cut made possible by removing the 3D functionality will result in even more sales. It's definitely a smart move as I prefer to play games in 2D, so a cheaper alternative is certainly welcomed.