Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and Undead Knights Now Available

September 29, 2009


Two PlayStation® Exclusive Games Grace the
Consoles with Intense Action

Video game developer and publisher Tecmo® announced today the release of both
NINJA GAIDEN® SIGMA 2 on PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and UNDEAD
KNIGHTS™ on PSP®. The latest installment in the critically acclaimed series,
NINJA GAIDEN® SIGMA 2, releases in North America today, followed by Japan and
Europe on October 2nd, 2009. The gut-wrenching, limb amputating, hack-n-slash
zombie action game UNDEAD KNIGHTS™ also releases in North America and today,
followed later by a digital download release to play on the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)


NINJA GAIDEN® SIGMA 2’s Collector’s Edition will
be available exclusively from GameStop in North America, and includes the
Official Soundtrack with over 30 tracks, and an 80-page book featuring:

  • A 30-page Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 prologue comic
    written and designed by Team NINJA. The comic is a printed version of the
    in-game digital comic.

  • Mini-Strategy Guide: A starter guide covering
    Ryu, Ayane, Momiji, and Rachel’s weapons, ninpos, Story Mode basics, Team
    Missions and more

  • Art Gallery: A peek at various character
    concept artwork

  • Commentary from Team NINJA producer Yosuke
    Hayashi and the team’s lead artists

In addition, consumers who pre-ordered NINJA
GAIDEN SIGMA 2 at GameStop will receive an exclusive downloadable costume
available through the PlayStation®Network.

As super ninja Ryu Hayabusa, you roam the world and hunt down the Demon Statue
that was stolen by the Black Spider Ninja Clan to prevent the resurrection of
the evil Archfiend. From Tokyo to New York, follow Ryu as he encounters vicious
enemies and acquires an extensive assortment of ninja weaponry along the way.

Game Features

  • New Playable Characters: Ninja Gaiden’s
    Rachel, Ayane from the Dead or Alive series and Momiji from Ninja Gaiden
    Dragon Sword appear as sexy new playable characters

  • Team Missions mode (Co-op): Two players can
    engage in online co-op play with voice chat in more than 30 different
    missions. View and record your play through "Ninja Cinema" and share your
    Cinema and Mission results via PlayStation Network

  • Chapter Challenge mode: Master your favorite
    chapter and compete against others for the top Karma points

  • Ninja Record: View your complete stats for
    every mode played, number of enemies defeated, drops and throws, combos,
    rescues, character usage rate and more

  • Rewards: Over 50 trophies to earn throughout
    the game and a dozen unlockable costumes. Weapons acquired can be leveled up
    to strengthen their power and gain new battle techniques.

  • Visual Diversity: Over 30 unique characters,
    17 stages with a variety of environments, and a storyline which unfolds in
    70 impressive cut-scenes

  • Variable AI: Contributing to the increased
    difficulty level, the gameplay differs each time you appear in a level as
    enemies engage in a variety of different actions as they assess the current

  • Gameplay Innovation: A finishing blow system
    can be used in battle to quickly defeat an enemy in one dynamic action

More information on the title is available at

NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 is rated "M" (Mature) by the
Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and will carry a suggested retail
price of US $59.99 (Collector’s Edition US $69.99).


UNDEAD KNIGHTS™ is the first title from TECMO to
be released on both a UMD® for PSP® system and by digital download for the
PSP®go system. The packaged good for PSP® system is in stores now, following a
digital release in October.

Playing as the anti-hero, rage through the wrath of fearless enemies and build
the nastiest and most profane army you can think of in this new-style invasion
action game. Prepare to wash the mouth of your army with soap as they can’t help
but engage in zombie bashing dialogue over a raging metal soundtrack that helps
your channel your inner anger. If you can deal with the gut-wrenching,
Smack-talking, fluid-spitting, and limb amputating ways of your army, you can
embark on your journey of vengeance to defeat the king.


  • The Dark Hero Persona: This game atypically
    allows you to be the "evil" main character who serves as an anti-hero figure

  • Create a Zombie Army: Defeat as many enemies
    as you can to transform them into your own personal soldiers

  • Combo Attacks: Choose up to ten different
    combo attacks to fight your way through varied enemies ranging from animals
    to soldiers

  • Show Some Personality: Prepare to wash the
    mouth of your army with soap as they can’t help but engage in zombie bashing

  • Head-Banging Madness: A raging metal
    soundtrack helps channel your inner anger
    On a Mission: Get ready to face the king in the fifth mission for each of
    the four main areas

  • PSP Ad-Hoc Multiplayer: Challenge up to three
    other players in VS play or collaborate with them in co-op play

More information on the title can be found at

UNDEAD KNIGHTS™ is rated "M" (Mature) by the
Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and will carry a suggested retail
price of US $39.99.