Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to be available for PlayStation Vita launch


Let's be honest, though Sony has announced that an incredible twenty-five games will be available on Vita launch day, not all of them are winners, with Uncharted: Golden Abyss sticking out as the only entry from a triple-A franchise. Thankfully, it seems that Tecmo Koei has decided to ramp up production on Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, now promising that the game will be ready in time for the Vita's launch.

Even though the game is an enhanced port of an existing title (one that's been ported many times before…), this is still exciting news, the critically-acclaimed title definitely another incentive for potential Vita purchasers. With Vita sales slumping in Japan, we imagine that Sony owes Tecmo Koei a big sloppy kiss for this exclusive. 

Both the Vita and Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus are slated to launch February 22nd in North America. Will you be picking one up?