Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds Sees Changes


of Change Blow Through the Kingdom of the Winds


CA – Nexon’s game Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds enters a new age. This month saw
the release of a massive expansion pack of new spells, effects, and sounds. In
total over 320 new spells were released. Nexus also diversified its game play
by introduction of character natures. This expands its already highly diverse
community of paths, sub paths, and grades to allow players to find a role and
place in the massive community that they will enjoy.

this month Nexus expanded its Justice system by several key improvements in
the game. Among the changes were greatly extended protection time of items
that dropped when a player dies in a dungeon, a system that allows them to
recover all their items from potential corpse looters, and an improvement to
the player exchange feature to ensure that players are given free and
completely safe trading to stop potential thief’s and scammers.

part in this massive community of friends and family, explore thousands of
areas and dungeons, hundreds of spells, a wonderful and safe environment from
which to play and enjoy the world of massive online role playing at 

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