Next Xbox reveal? Must be time for a drinking game

There's another console reveal. You know what that means: another round of drinking games. From Reddit to IGN, you can find multiple sets of rules for reducing your sobriety during Microsoft's next Xbox reveal. And if you don't consume alcohol — or find something wrong with doing so at 10 in the morning — you can play Xbox reveal BINGO instead.

Like clockwork, IGN is right on top of things with their drinking game. The thing is, these drinking games should be funny and poke fun at the stereotypes of these events; unfortunately, IGN didn't even manage to squeeze a chuckle out of me. All they did was take a bunch of terms associated with next-gen consoles and assigned a drink amount to them. They had their bases covered — every term or game is listed. There's no creativity or heart in IGN's drinking game.

Also, they make sure to encourage gamers to drink responsibly. That's right… drink responsibly… on a Tuesday… at 10am PT… riiiiiiight. I'm pretty sure there's nothing responsible about drinking games in the first place. Granted, I'll be drinking, but not because of their game or the Xbox reveal. I live in Florida, half a mile from the beach. Florida has a different set of rules. And it'll be 1pm ET for me. Also, I'm an adult. I can drink whenever I want. I don't need a drinking game to tell me when to do so. #raylife #beachtown

Anyways, here's some of the drinking games:

The unofficial IGN Xbox reveal drinking game!

Microsoft Xbox reveal drinking game

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