Next Xbox One update preview ‘will be starting soon,’ says Microsoft

It's been just three days since the release of the April Xbox One update, but Microsoft is already looking ahead. In fact, the preview for the next update is said to be "starting soon."

In an email sent out to thank Xbox One owners for feedback on the latest patch, Microsoft also mentioned "The next system update for previewing will be starting soon, and you're already registered." This means that if you participated in the past update preview, you'll automatically be invited to preview the next one as well.

Elsewhere in the email, Microsoft specifically highlighted three separate users who provided feedback "that made Xbox One better."

"With the latest Xbox One update out to the full community, we wanted to say thanks," said Emily Hanson, Program Manager of Xbox One updates. "It's not exaggerating to say that we are blown away by your dedication to making Xbox One the best gaming console for you."

You can check out all of the new features implemented in the latest Xbox One update here.