Next PlayStation All-Stars DLC borrows from Dead Space, God of War, and The Unfinished Swan

Remember when SuperBot Entertainment teased they've got​ All-Stars we haven't seen yet? Elements of Dead Space, God of War, and The Unfinished Swan will soon be incorporated into PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sony's exclusive brawler. The next batch of All-Stars DLC is due out this March and will feature Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, Zeus from God of War, and a crossover stage built "on elements from MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan."

Isaac is described as "a character that relies on his arsenal of weapons and projectile attacks, but can hold is own at close range when forced into situations that require it." Zeus, meanwhile "is a powerhouse, a physical behemoth," reminiscent of Big Daddy.

Both characters and the new stage will be available on the PlayStation Network on March 19 for PS3 and Vita. The previous DLC characters, Kat and Emmett, were free for the first two weeks before Sony began charging $4.99 each. As of right now, the cost of this upcoming DLC is a mystery.

It's great to see PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale continue to get the support it deserves. Earlier this month, Sony ended their "working agreement" with SuperBot Entertainment, the developers of Battle Royale. It's said that the relationship ended on "good terms," though.