Next Clash of Clans update in the works with ‘BIG’ feature

And a new troop!

Less than a month after the release of the "Treasury" update for Clash of Clans, Supercell Games is already hard at work on the next update.

We don't yet have details for the new update, but the developer teased "cool plans for the next BIG feature." 

Additionally, Supercell mentioned they are also working on a new troop, but again remained vague. They did confirm, however, that it's not the Musketeer from Clash Royale. For those unfamiliar, Clash Royale is Supercell's new real-time multiplayer, PvP-focused mobile game set in the same universe as Clash of Clans.

Of course, Supercell remains committed to Clash of Clans and it's great to see them already working on a future update. The latest update added three major new features — the Treasury, the Daily Star Bonus, and the Loot Cart.

What are you hoping to see from the next Clash of Clans update?