Next Battlefield 4 update releasing later this month for multiple platforms

The next Battlefield 4 update is expected to release "later this month," according to DICE. The developer is currently finalizing the multiplatform patch, though it's not clear what specific problems it addresses. Since its launch in October, Battlefield 4 faced a number of bugs, glitches, and issues affecting gameplay for many. 

There was a point where it felt like a new patch was being issued every day to fix a new issue, but things have seemed to taper off a bit. Whether that means many of the problems have been fixed or not is a mystery to me as I've had little issue with the game on PC. For those who have been affected, hopefully it'll all be fixed later this month.

Again, no specific fixes were mentioned in the brief announcement post, but you can search through Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker and get a good feel for what could be addressed. Some specific problems affecting all platforms include rubber-banding, delayed damage received, frame rate drops, and a "desynchronized" game world where objects have different states for different players. Issues relating to specific platforms can be viewed here.