Nexon USAs Shattered Galaxy Rocks the Online Gaming World


Top Industry Editors Agree: Nexon USA’s
“Shattered Galaxy” Rocks the Online Gaming World The award-winning “Shattered
Galaxy” sets new standards for massively multiplayer games

Santa Clara, CA, September 25, 2001—Shattered
Galaxy, the largest “massive online warfare” persistent universe for the PC,
continues to garner tremendous praise and reviews from leading industry
journalists and editors nationwide. Shattered Galaxy, from Nexon USA, a pioneer
and innovator in the field of massively multiplayer online game development,
expertly combines real-time strategy with a massively multiplayer universe
creating unparalleled game play.

“An incredibly unique and addictive game…"
proclaims Gaming Age

), also awarding Shattered Galaxy an A- (Excellent) rating

“A ground-breaking title…” states GameZNet
), awarding an 88/100 rating

“An admittedly excellent showing of what
the future has in store for us…” confirms IGNPC (

Meanwhile, Thresh’s FiringSquad (
) has honored Shattered Galaxy with its prestigious Editor’s Choice award to
accompany a 93/100 review rating. Shattered Galaxy also claimed 4 out of 6
coveted Independent Games Festival awards at the 2001 Games Developers
Conference. These include the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, Audience Choice Award,
Technical Excellence Award and Best Game Design.

“The scope of Shattered Galaxy is astounding:
more units, more facets, and more players simultaneously combating than ever
before experienced in either genre,” states Kevin Saunders, Project Director and
Producer of the game. “For the first three weeks, our game servers have operated
smoothly without a single crash. This is an extraordinary achievement for any
commercial massively multiplayer online game.”

Set in a distant star system light years from
Earth, Shattered Galaxy introduces players to the tragic remnants of the human
race after a government experiment had gone catastrophically awry. Battling
constant threats of alien and human attacks, players assume the role of military
tacticians, securing dominance, wealth, prestige and political power through the
shrewd manipulation of their cybernetic armies.

Shattered Galaxy, designed for PC/Windows
systems, is available in most major retail outlets for the introductory price of
$29.95. Shattered Galaxy provides the best entertainment value in the massively
multiplayer online gaming genre, with a special offer of $5.00/month available
when purchased a one-year subscription. A standard monthly subscription rate of
$9.95 is also available.

Shattered Galaxy Facts at a Glance

— The first massively multiplayer, sci-fi
inspired online warfare gaming experience

— Proprietary Nexon DOOMVAS software creates
a dynamic online world of unparalleled, rich game play options for the player
and world expansion options for the developer

— A 24/7 constantly evolving universe
guarantees every gaming experience will present an exciting new set of

— Over 100,000 simultaneous players
supported in an environment containing thousands of concurrent combat

— Players build and manage up to 50 combat
units equipped with over 1,000 items

— Winner of 4 esteemed IGF awards including
the Seumas McNally Grand Prize

— BattlemetricsTM design system provides
balanced game play

— Numerous planets on which to adventure and
wage combat

— Dozens of unique combat abilities, such as
Cloak, Mind Warp and Carpet Bombing

— The “Tier System” provides long-term
objectives for teams of players

— Multitudes of factions to join, each with
their own government and society

— Terrific price point at $29.95

–Shattered Galaxy Special Offer: $5.00/month
available with a one-year subscription. A standard monthly subscription rate of
$9.95 is also available

), an international game developer, is a pioneer and
trendsetter in the field of massively multiplayer online gaming. Since the
establishment of Nexon USA in 1997, Nexon has introduced online worlds of great
sophistication, magnitude and excitement to the computers and imaginations of
North American gamers. Nexon’s games include titles such as Elemental Saga (,
Shattered Galaxy (
), Dark Ages (
), Nexus: the Kingdom of the Winds (
), and QuizQuiz (
In this new gaming age in which many developers and publishers are rushing to
establish themselves as online game makers, Nexon, with these games and more to
come, blazes onward as an experienced veteran in developing and providing
service for the best massive multiplayer games on the Internet.