Nexon America Unveils its Summer Warm-Up for MapleStory

July 2, 2009

Nexon America Unveils its Summer
Warm-Up for MapleStory

Numerous features are added to
MapleStory, including its undefeated monster, Pink Bean

Summer is officially here and
MapleStory rolled out its latest update with a sunny new set of features to
provide its players more fun and adventures. The update offers an exciting new
title system, time travel to battle the game’s biggest challenge, Pink Bean,
work as a secret agent and the opportunity to be a hero as part of a party quest
to save the polluted Ellin Forest.

Here are more details on these
exciting updates:

Time Temple – Players travel through
time via the ‘Time Temple,’ to stop Kirston from reviving the Black Wizard.
There are numerous new monsters to battle, including the toughest boss ever,
Pink Bean. This undefeated monster champ of the world might look cuddly but is
so deadly, it has yet to experience defeat.

Title System –


    Diligent Explorer: Log in for three hours
    every day for a set number of days.


    Veteran Hunter: Kill 100,000 monsters your
    level or above.


    Party Quest Mania: Achieve the S rank on eight
    party quests.


    Quest Specialist: Complete 800 quests.


    Celebrity: Acquire 20,000 fame points.


    Ultimate Warrior, Magician, Thief, Bowman, or
    Pirate: Reach level 200

Some titles can only be held by one Mapler at a
time and will be replaced if another player tops their record. These titles are:


    Donation King: Donate the most mesos to any
    one town.


    Maple Idol Star: Be the most famed person in

Hunter: Kill the most monsters of any type your level or above

Agent Training Program – Players
will test their combat skills in this new program, which pits an individual
player or team of players against boss monsters for the ultimate monster battle.
Players must defeat each monster to advance to the next stage and do not see
their EXP suffer if defeated.

Ellin Forest Party Quest – Three to
five players rally together in this party quest to save the polluted Ellin
Forest. Players travel back in time and battle their way through the poisoned
forest to uncover the cause of the pollution.

All these new features are now
available for free in MapleStory. For more information about MapleStory’s
“Summer Warm-Up,” please visit: