Nexon America Launches PopTag!

February 10, 2010

America Launches PopTag!

The World’s Most Successful Water
Balloon-Based Online Game Goes Live

Nexon America has announced the
North American launch of service for PopTag!. PopTag! is an arcade-style
multiplayer hyper puzzle action game where players engage in frenzied water
balloon battles that pit them against each other or cooperatively against
monsters. With the launch of PopTag!, the game will open its cash shop and add
hundreds of items and 23 new maps featuring three new themes for players to

“PopTag! represents a more casual
style of game for our catalog,” said Daniel Kim, CEO of Nexon America. “PopTag!,
known as BnB Crazy Arcade in Asia, has millions of players and is considered a
major brick in the Nexon foundation. PopTag! offers North American online gamers
a fun, competitive game that won’t require hours of their time to fully enjoy.”

This will be Nexon’s fourth
free-to-play game to enter the North American market, joining MapleStory,
Mabinogi, and Combat Arms, which, combined, have more than 10 million registered

Game play is quick and easy to learn
with simple and intuitive controls. PopTag! comes with single or multi-player
modes and as many as eight players can battle each other, or join forces in
teams of four to fight the boss monsters. The game also features a “co-play”
mode, where players can share one keyboard controller, which further enhances
the arcade-style fun PopTag! delivers.

In PopTag!, players speed through a
variety of themed maps, including frosty wonderlands, sandy deserts and dense
forests in an attempt to trap their opponents in bubbles using skillfully
dropped water balloons. Trapped players can escape by using special items, such
as darts and needles, or with the help of a teammate. If the trapped player does
not escape after a certain time, the bubble explodes and the water-logged player
is out of the game. Players earn experience points for each victory and level up
based on the amount of points earned.

Players can also play as one of
eight colorful characters, including the speedster Boz, who blazes through mazes
in a brilliant red hoodie; or Ike the baby prodigy, who is a water balloon
genius. Players can enhance their characters with goods from the game’s shop
that includes costume items such as clothing and hair, and functional offensive
and defensive items such as powerful water balloons or needles to help escape
watery danger.

For the romantic water ballooners,
PopTag! comes with a “sweetie” system that allows players share bonuses with one

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