New World Order Tech Demo Available

August 31, 2001


One week after announcing the stunning first
person shooter NEW WORLD ORDER, Dutch publisher Project Three Interactive,
continues to please curious FPS fans around the world by putting an exciting
Tech Demo of the game online.

As expectancies rise, Swedish developer
Termite Games is happy to finally meet the gamers demands and show something
in-game. "The fun thing about our NWO-engine is, that it actually starts working
better at higher amounts of graphical detail”"", says Termite CEO Jim Malmros.
"This demo shows you what the NWO-engine can do: supply up to date non-existing
high frame-rate eyecandy, which you can be sure we will mix with fast paced
action and actionmovie-like realism in the final game. To be honest we can’t
wait to see it released – just a few more months!"

NEW WORLD ORDER features single-player, co-op
and team-based multiplayer, tons of real-life weapons, some new and refreshing
game modes in multiplayer and a feel to the game that is unique – so close to
reality it shatters the last boundaries of disbelief when playing.

Project 3 COO Erik Schreuder adds: "There
seems to be no limit to what this engine can provide – a real state of the art
design. We absolutely understand that shooter-fans around the globe want to play
this baby ASAP and we promise to come up with a playable demo quite soon."

For more technical information on the amazing
NWO-engine that powers NEW WORLD ORDER go to

The NEW WORLD ORDER Tech Demo (size 38 MB) is
downloadable at the following location: