New WarBirds 2005 Combat Flying Game to be Released 10 May 2005

WarBirds 2005: New Airplanes, New
Maps, New Features coming May 10th 2005!

FREE Events and Prizes for all
Prospective Aviators Begins May 20th 2005!

CARY, N.C.—May 5, 2005, —
iEntertainment Network, (, the award-winning developer of the World
Famous WarBirds TotalSims series, announced today that the massively multiplayer
online simulation, WarBirds 2005 (for the PC and Mac computers), will be
released on 10 May 2005. The new WarBirds 2005 has some great new features
including new airplanes, terrains, new flight models and an upgraded ballistics
system that breaks new ground in simulation accuracy. IENT will also host a FREE
WarBirds 2005 Weekend on May 20th through May 22nd 2005, where all new players
can play all TotalSims games for 3 FREE Days! (Completely FREE, No Credit Card

On May 20th through May 22nd 2005,
there will be massive free online gaming events (no credit card required) for
three days in the iEntertainment Online Arenas. Continuous free play will begin
at noon, Friday, May 20th. Special events include, T-Shirt Night on Friday where
players can win tee shirts for killing various special players. On that Saturday
at 3 PM EST, a Dawn of Aces (World War I Combat Flying) event will be held,
Armored Assault (Tank Combat) Fight Night will also be held at 9 PM EST on
Saturday. On Sunday, May 22nd, three exciting events will be held: the European
Micro Campaign at 3 PM EST, the Ferret’s Air Race Event will be held at 7 PM,
and the Massive Historical Bomber and Fighter Event, the S3, will be held with
hundreds of online players at 8:30 PM EST.

WarBirds 2005 includes the addition
of a new C-47 Paratroop Transport for field capture missions, new Russian planes
from the Lavochkin series, several updated terrains and new features including a
brand new Military Rank System for improved game play and depth. Improved
Terrains include the Battle of Britain terrain, an extremely detailed tanking
terrain based on the rolling hills of southern Belgium and an upgraded, large
European Theater of Operations terrain. New flight models are being created
using an advanced system developed by the iEntertainment Network Team that
provides a higher level of fidelity to all aircraft. Extensive study of World
War II documentation has resulted in a totally revamped ballistics model that
leaves the competition in the dust.

New players can download and try
WarBirds 2005 by going to
  to experience the fun of combat flying. On
May 20th 2005 through May 22, the Download and the Play is FREE. For new
players, full, unlimited, no hourly charge WarBirds: 2005 is only $13.95 per

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