New Videos from Tomb Raider: Anniversary

May 17, 2007

New Videos from Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Meet the Tomb Raider: Anniversary Puzzle
Masters and Watch Lara in Full Blaze Uzi Mode in this Week’s Videos

Level designers, Jim Conrad and Kyle Mannerberg
shed some light on their puzzle design approach for the new Tomb Raider:
Anniversary as we bring you the third installment in our Tomb Raider:
Anniversary dev diary series. Tune in and check out how these guys have brought
new and exciting challenges to the latest franchise installment.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition Dev Diary 3

Also Lara is locked, loaded and ready for action
in this week’s video. Check her out as she demonstrates some of those signature
moves and shows her enemies who’s boss in today’s “Uzi” montage.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition Uzi Video

Tomb Raider: Anniversary brings to new life the
game that started it all – the classic memories and experiences of the original
are brought back to life, now with vastly improved graphics and gameplay
mechanics. Become immersed once again in the world that gamers fell in love
with, and the game that was first to put the spotlight on the video game icon,
Lara Croft. Check out the newly revamped website at

Experience the magic again when Tomb Raider:
Anniversary ships on the PlayStation 2, PSP, and Windows PC on June 5, 2007.