New Upgrades for Shattered Galaxy


Upgrades for Shattered Galaxy!


to a surge of new Shattered Galaxy gamers starting out on the current single,
entry-level planet, an entirely new planet will be opened for colonization,
exploration and conquest on Friday, April 13th, for all new characters created
after that date. Also due to the rise in the overall number of players,
additional servers will be added in the near future to handle the increased
load. This upgrade should translate to even smoother play for all of Shattered
Galaxy’s gamers.


reply to suggestions from players, new features have been added to the online
"War Room" ( ). The "Pledge
Your Loyalty" option is now available as a new method for players who
wish to change allegiances between factions, allowing characters to more
smoothly transition between easier and more competitive planets. Plus, on the
War Room page a new "Alien Hunger" feature has been made available
as a gauge of the power and presence of the vicious aliens throughout
Shattered Galaxy’s planetary system.


by Nexon, Shattered Galaxy is an award-winning action-oriented massively
multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) of unparalleled
sophistication, scale and depth. Spanning across planets, by the might of
machines, battles can last minutes, while wars span months. Shattered Galaxy
is not only popular with the critics, but with gamers as well. See what the
excitement is all about! Visit
to download and play the latest beta version for free.


you, Paul Philleo PR and Marketing Coordinator Nexon, Inc.



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