New Tomb Raider Movie Announced

Hollywood is as much about reboots as anyone these days, but it still comes as a surprise that Crystal Dynamics and GK Films have announced that a film version of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot game is under development. The studio is aiming for a 2013 release date for the film, with potential sequels in the cards.

The new game, revealed a few months back, tells the origin story of Lara and redraws her as a younger, more human heroine. For the film, producers Graham King and Tim Headington plan to “create daring new adventures for the young and dynamic Lara Croft.”

No actress has been officially chosen for the role, but with a younger Lara in mind, Angelina Jolie is an unlikely bet.

The studio, GK Films, already has several great films under its belt, including Rango, The Town, and The Tourist. Hopefully they can do this reboot justice.