New TacOps 4 Bundle Pack Offer Announced

(PC and MAC) and Major Holdridge are
excited to announce a new TacOps Bundle pack which combines two of USMC Major I.
L. Holdridge’s best titles together in one pack at a reduced price of only $35,
a savings of $10 from the normal prices of each product sold separately.

This TacOps Bundle is a great opportunity to
not only get the latest TacOps game (TacOps 4, a commercial version of the
official tactical training tool used by the U.S Army) but also receive a copy of
the wonderful Military Reference Library Volume 1 CD stuffed with diagrams,
drawings, charts, tables, and pictures from 167 (!) different US Military Field,
Technical, and Joint Cheifs of Staff Manuals.

Each bundle includes:

  • Full version of TacOps 4 on CD (Mac and PC)

  • Full version of Military Reference Library
    Volume 1 on CD

  • 450+ page electronic (Adobe Acrobat Reader
    pdf files) TacOps 4 manual

  • 450+ including Tutorial, Scenario and User
    Guides plus 21 U.S. Army Field Guides and 15 U.S. Marine Corps doctrinal

  • 167 different military manuals contained on
    one CD in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.


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