New Smart Bomb Trailer and Website Update!

New Smart Bomb Trailer and
Website Update!

Eidos announces a new trailer and official
website update for Smart Bomb for PSP!

If you were the only one who could save the
lives of millions and had just two minutes left to do it, would you crumble
under the pressure?  Smart Bomb for PSP puts you at the hands of an unknown
terrorist bomber who has placed a massive network of bombs all over the globe.
Your job as a member of the specialized Bomb Disposal Unit, is to dismantle this
series of bombs as they are discovered and before they run out of time! The
world is relying on your impeccable cerebral skills to study and overcome the
puzzles that make these bombs tick. You’ll have your work cut out for you as
these aren’t your typical connect-4. These bombs consist of networks of system
settings, timing sequences, lazers, wires, and revolving mechanical parts. And
with over 150 bombs, your concentration, memory, and reflex skills will be put
to the test.

Check out the new Smart Bomb trailer on the
official Smart Bomb website along with more details of Smart Bomb’s storyline,
game features, screenshots and more! Smart Bomb for PSP is shipping Tuesday May
10, 2005 to stores across North America. It’s in your best interest to keep
track of this time…

Download the trailer at GameZone –

And visit the official Smart Bomb website for
more information on Smart Bomb including the storyline, features, and new