New Sigma Star Saga Screenshots Launch into Outer Space

New "Sigma Star Saga(TM)"
Screenshots Launch into Outer Space

Namco Hometek Inc. today released
new screenshots from "Sigma Star Saga(TM)," its highly anticipated Game Boy(R)
Advance title that merges RPG and side-scrolling space-shooter genres with an
innovative science fiction premise to create an entirely original game
experience. The first Game Boy Advance game to combine these two popular genres,
"Sigma Star Saga" is rated E+10 by the ESRB and will launch on August 16, 2005.

The Krill onslaught has battered
Earth for far too long. Ian Recker, a decorated pilot with a vengeance, goes
undercover to investigate the Krill’s secrets. Earning their trust, he discovers
one of their armada’s strength lies within its fighter planes: Their ships
patrol the skies without pilots. When they spot danger, they summon the nearest
pilot into their control cavity to take over. The ship literally is the pilot,
who becomes the ship’s brain. And since the Krill technology is literally fused
onto the pilot, experience, the ship, and the player become a single entity —
and a force for Earth to reckon with.

In "Sigma Star Saga," players
confront the Krill onslaught from their highly customizable space craft in
intense side-scrolling space shooting segments. Before they take to the skies to
engage the enemy, players can outfit their ship with Gun Data found on their
journey, creating more than 15,000 unique combinations to arm their spacecraft
for any battle situation. Potential ship builds include those made for speed,
defense, sheer firepower and thousands of other variants – giving "Sigma Star
Saga" unmatched replay value.

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