New Screens Released for City of Villains

March 16, 2006

New Screens Released for City of Villains

NCSoft has some new screens for their upcoming
update for City of Villains: Issue 7 – Destiny Manifest. The update will be
available as a download for free for current City of Villains customers.

City of Villains PC screenshots
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  • City of Villains / City of Heroes
  • Issue 7 – “Destiny Manifest”
  • Featured: New Base Items/Features
  • Levels: All
  • Available: April
  • Cost: Free for all Active Subscribers


New Issue 7 base features will allow you to
spruce up, buff up, and share gear all in the comfort of your own base!

Tired of not being able to store those special
Inspirations you’ve been lugging around for months? Do you wish you could leave
your Salvage and Enhancements in your cozy citadel for you and your compatriots
to use later? With the new Storage Items you will be able to create Inspiration
receptacles, Enhancements containers, and bins to keep all your Salvage in a
convenient spot for all to share!

Have you ever wished you could throw together
some powerful instant buffs to prep for battle in your deadly lair? Now you can
prepare for a fight with Empowerment Stations. These Stations, ranging from
basic to advanced levels, will allow you to create amazing buffs from salvage
recipes – increasing your speed, boosting your resistances, and other special

Finally, have you ever felt that your
impenetrable fortress just does not reflect your Supergroup’s flair for design?
Soon you will be able to buy banners, tables, holograms and other items to
decorate your base with your Supergroup’s colors and symbol!

With the release of Issue 7 you can strategize in
the great hall around your new table – your Supergroup banner flying high – grab
the best Inspirations, update to the latest Enhancements, buff up at your
Empowerment Station, and head off to battle confident that you shall be
victorious no matter what plans your vile enemies might have in store.