New Screens and Video for Pac-Man World Rally

July 26, 2006

New Screens and Video for Pac-Man World Rally

NAMCO BANDAI Reveals The Retro Maze Level –
The First of Four Classic Tracks Featured in the Upcoming Release of Pac-Man
World Rally

Go back in time as the Retro Maze track allows
you to revisit the 80’s, where the Pac-Man™ phenomenon began. Challenge your
friends or the computer to a spin around a track that takes you through the
familiar maze structure of the Ms. Pac-Man table-top arcade game.

Pac-Man World Rally PS2 screenshots
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The exciting intro camera sequence offers a great
perspective of the scene set by circling the playing field and diving in through
the glass to the start line. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man complete the scene as they
duel each other across the table-top.

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From the pixel-like inside corners and
reminiscent textures to fruit shortcuts and various alternate paths, the Retro
Maze level presents a variety of challenges as you race your way through the
maze. Pulsating arrows guide your way to the finish line, but be careful to
steer clear of the retro-oversized ghosts!

Be on the look out for next week’s classic track
feature – the Subterranean Speedway level.

Pac-Man World Rally ™ is rated “E” for Everyone
by the ESRB and will be available in August for the PlayStation®2 computer
entertainment system, PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system, Nintendo GameCube™ and
PC. For more information about Pac-Man World Rally, please visit