New Screens and Trailer for City of Villains Issue 7: Destiny Manifest

May 1, 2006

New Screens and Trailer for City of Villains
Issue 7: Destiny Manifest

NCSoft has released a new trailer and a series of
screenshots for their forthcoming update to City of Villains, Issue 7: Destiny
Manifest. The new assets highlight the Mayhem Missions feature in the update.

Click here to download
the new trailer.

Mayhem missions will allow
villains to infiltrate Paragon City zones (the home of City of Heroes) and run
amuck. Each mission has a primary objective, however it also has a time limit.
But the villain(s) have the opportunity to pick up more mission time or other
fun rewards for causing as much havoc as possible. For instance, much of the
zone is destructible and villains can terrorize and harass passing Paragon City
citizens. More specifics on how mayhem missions work is below in a narrative
created by the game designers.

City of Villains PC screenshots
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About Mayhem Missions

The count down begins, your heart is racing and
your adrenaline spikes as you silently make your way into Statesman’s territory.
You venture forth into the heart of the enemy’s domain, knowing that a hero
could be around every turn as you unleash pure mayhem upon Paragon City. Whether
you dare to go it alone or with a group of fellow villains, this could be the
shining moment in which you let loose the villain within.

Time is short and tensions are running high, you
set off at a hectic pace, destroying all that comes before you with wild
abandon. Buying yourself more time by decimating everything in your path, you
fight your way across town to your target in order to grab the loot before time
runs out!

As you leave behind a swath of devastation, you
strike fear into the hearts of the citizens that cower or flee before you – but
remember that the Paragon Police Department will surely be alerted to your
presence. The highly trained PPD will come at you in relentless waves, doing
anything to stop you dead in your tracks.

Even more dangerous is the inability for the
medical system to protect you in Paragon City. Outside the hospital network of
the Rogue Isles, you may instead find yourself transported to a local prison
from which you must escape if you want to fight your way back into the action.

Although your Broker has given you a central
objective, there are plenty of other ways to bring mayhem to the streets of
Paragon. Interrogate thugs, follow your instincts, or just destroy with abandon
and who knows what other juicy missions you might uncover. Set an important
building ablaze, raid a local warehouse for goods, kidnap influential people for
extra cash, break out fellow villains, or simply grab additional loot for
yourself! If successful, you may just find yourself with a new temporary power
and extra time for your main mission!

Once you have seized your final objective, the
real fun begins. The heroes of Paragon cannot let you get away with your violent
invasion of their fair city and will send someone to prevent your escape!
Whether an unknown hero, or perhaps even one of the Vindicators or the Freedom
Phalanx, your only hope of escape is to defeat the hero determined to stop you.
Defeat this final enemy and you shall forever more be known in Paragon City as a
true force of destruction and mayhem.