New Ryzom Patch: "The Kitins’ Lair"

December 15, 2009

New Ryzom Patch: "The Kitins’ Lair"

Announced today the release of the long-awaited 1.7.0 patch for Ryzom.

This patch contains:

The Kitins’ Lair:
It’s been years coming, and now it is here: a new zone! And now it’s done and
the first part of the Kitin’s Lair is now open for you. But don’t just go
rushing in there, you’ll not leave it with your skin intact!
With the release of the Kitins’ Lair, we have also added 2 new "rites", linked
to the Kitins.

Role Play Profile:
The new "Profile" web application allows you to define your character’s heritage
and identity. For example, you can fill the date of birth of your character,
parents’ names, biography etc.
When a player right clicks your character and then chooses "Info", they will see
your profile!

New display of the target’s level:

Many of you expresses yourselves regarding the new display system of the level
of your target, introduced in a previous patch. We have considered your comments
and decided to combine the best of both systems. We put back the stars which
indicate approximately the level of the creatures while keeping the display of
the precise level when your level is close to the one of the creature.


  • New mail or post notifications are back! You will see
    them next to your compass.
  • The new RP and guild forums are now accessible using
  • The new mail system is now accessible using SHIFT-M
  • Official support for Windows 7
  • Fixed various minor bugs