New "Playboy: The Mansion" Screens Show Mansion Customization Options


Upcoming Lifestyle-Simulation
Game Ships on January 25th

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. January 20, 2005 –
– Hip Interactive’s (TSX:HP) wholly owned subsidiary, ARUSH Publishing, in
conjunction with Groove Games, offers a peek into the glamorous customization
options available in "Playboy: The Mansion" with new screenshots from the game.

The virtual Playboy Mansion is not
your average house, and the items available for decorating it go above and
beyond what is available in the typical simulation game. However, it is not all
about showing off your earnings from the success of Playboy Magazine — as
virtual Hef, you must ensure that guests are entertained, stimulated, and
comfortable in your Mansion. Sure, giant flat screen TV’s and hot tubs are
great, but party attendees also may want to enrich their minds with books, or
develop their physique in the gym. The more your guests’ needs are fulfilled by
their surroundings, the longer they will stay!

Shipping in North America for the
Xbox, PS2 and PC on January 25th, the lifestyle- simulation game is developed by
Cyberlore Studios and rated M for Mature by the ESRB. To download the new
"Playboy: The Mansion"