New "Darkwatch" Trailer Highlights the Good, Introduces the Bad & Ugly

Sammy Studios today released a
new video trailer from its upcoming Vampire Western first-person shooter (FPS) "Darkwatch."

This is the first cinematic trailer
showcasing characters and events that make up the storied action in “Darkwatch.”
The video reveals how Wild West outlaw Jericho Cross inadvertently unleashes
Lazarus Malkoth, an ancient vampire lord and perennial malcontent who in-turn
dooms Jericho to vampirism. To retrieve his soul and save a West run wild by
Lazarus’ undead armies, Jericho joins the ranks of the Darkwatch, a powerful
secret society dedicated to hunting evil. As a skilled gunslinger and
half-vampire with supernatural abilities, Jericho becomes the organization’s
most potent weapon in the hunt for Lazarus.

Amidst this visual synopsis are
glimpses of the frenetically paced close-quarters combat found in the game.
Highlighted are both the sheer variety of enemies, and the many methods in which
they can be dispatched. “Darkwatch” delivers its unique style of quick-draw FPS
action and visually sensational setting, along with its innovative Judgment
system letting players walk the path of good or evil, when it releases on
PlayStation 2 and Xbox this spring. This game is rated M for Mature by the ESRB.

To download the new trailer

More about "Darkwatch"

The debut title from Sammy Studios
internal development, "Darkwatch" is a cinematic 1st person shooter (FPS) with
an original premise blending Vampire-Horror and Western genres. They grind their
enemies for fuel, fashion their skin into protective cloaks and create weapons
designed to exterminate en masse, and they are the good guys. They are the
Darkwatch, a vigilant strike-force that has protected man from evil incarnate
since the dawn of civilization. Their newest and deadliest agent is Jericho
Cross, an outlaw gunslinger pulled into their ranks by an unfortunate close
encounter with a Vampire Lord. To save the West, and to retrieve his soul from
the damned, Jericho must hunt down the vampire and destroy the evil minions he
has unleashed on the American Frontier. "Darkwatch" promises to be a memorable
entry into the FPS genre, inviting players to blast through a visually
sensational depiction of a haunted Wild West with unique weapons, powerful
assault vehicles, horse-mounted gun fighting and special vampire abilities.