NEW PLAY CONTROL! Family Grows with Pikmin 2 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

March 12, 2009

with Pikmin 2 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Reinvented classics, new control
systems and more immersive gameplay

Get ready for the return of some of
Nintendo’s best-loved characters – PIKMIN and Donkey Kong – as PIKMIN 2 and
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, two of the most creative games of recent years, have
been added to the Wii’s NEW PLAY CONTROL! family!

The NEW PLAY CONTROL! series, in
which classic games are reinvented to take advantage of Wii’s unique motion
sensing capabilities, already boasts the original PIKMIN and Mario Power Tennis,
with fans delighting in the new controls and new widescreen experience.

PIKMIN 2, released across Europe on
24 April, sees Captain Olimar, now joined by his assistant Louie, return to the
planet of PIKMIN, motivated by that noblest of goals – treasure! Additional
species of PIKMIN, randomly generated dungeons and an exciting two-player battle
mode make this much more than just a sequel. Packed with deft creative touches,
PIKMIN 2 strikes a beautiful balance between challenge and fun, and is even more
charming than its classic predecessor.

New to PIKMIN 2 is the Piklopedia,
an in-game list of all the plants and creatures in that you have come into
contact with throughout your exploration, from Bulborbs to Wollyhops. Learning
has never been so much fun!

Similarly, a new Treasure Hoard
lists all the treasures you have collected throughout your quest. There are a
total of 201 treasures to find across the PIKMIN world – but to gather them all,
players will need to face a number of enemies and puzzles… Luckily, PIKMIN 2
features some additional help for Olimar and Louie, in the form of the new
Purple and White PIKMIN! Using the super strength powers of the purple
flower-like creatures to lift the heaviest items, and spotting the strategic
uses for the white PIKMINs’ immunity to poison and ability to find hidden
treasure will be the difference between success and failure…

With the ability now to use the Wii
Remote to direct and command Olimar, Louie and their army of PIKMIN, existing
fans and newcomers to the series alike will delight in the immersive, strategic

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat was hailed
as one of the most inventive video games ever created on its original release
for Nintendo GameCube – and is now coming to Wii, in Summer 2009!

You help Donkey Kong, the world’s
best known ape and one of Nintendo’s most famous characters, swing and pounce
his way through the jungle in this larger-than-life adventure, but this is no
ordinary platform game. The goal isn’t just to get to the end of the level, but
to gather as many banana points as possible, performing combos to maximise your

The movements of Donkey Kong are
controlled through the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk
controllers – swing them in to unleash attacks on and direct soundwaves at your

Two brand new stages have been
added, making this game a must-buy for fans of the original, as well as gamers
who have yet to experience the excitement of this unique game.

In addition, new enemies such as the
stomping Thumpskull and the electric shock-producing Buzzball, as well as new
bonuses to collect and new weapons to use, make the NEW PLAY CONTROL! version of
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat a challenging and fun new experience.

Whether you’re swinging your Wii
Remote and Nunchuk to ground-pound and backflip your way through the jungle in
NEW PLAY CONTROL! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat or using the Wii Remote pointer to
collect treasure in NEW PLAY CONTROL! PIKMIN 2, you’ll soon be discovering these
creative, cherished games in a refreshing new light.