New Patch and Adventure Editor for The Witcher

April 14, 2008

New Patch and Adventure Editor for The Witcher

Atari Announces the Launch of the ‘D’jinni’
Adventure Editor, ‘Price of Neutrality’ Adventure and Patch 1.3 for CD Projekt’s
Acclaimed PC Role-Playing Title

Atari, Inc. today announced the release of the
D’jinni beta adventure editor and Price of Neutrality adventure together with
patch 1.3 for The Witcher, the PC role-playing opus from Polish development
studio CD Projekt RED which continues to garner high praise and new fans the
world over thanks to its unique blend of mature fantasy universe, tough decision
making and intense tactical combat. The first official adventure and patch 1.3
are available together for free download via, with
a separate free download available containing the adventure, patch and the
D’jinni beta adventure editor.

“CD Projekt has always been oriented to gamers’
needs, so releasing an adventure editor for the modding community is an obvious
move. It’s quite a demanding tool, however, and it will bring loads of
satisfaction to many of the fans. After all, we made The Witcher with this
tool,” said Adam Kiciński, CEO, CD Projekt RED. “We’ve also prepared the first
official mod with a completely new adventure which will be available to download
for free.”

The Price of Neutrality is the first official
adventure from the team at CD Projekt and features approximately two hours of
gameplay during which the player is introduced to the other witchers in more
detail following their brief appearance in the original game. Populated with new
NPC’s and other new graphical assets, the adventure takes the player into the
little explored outskirts of Kaer Morhen in a compelling story with tough
decisions and more than one possible ending. The adventure text is localized in
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Polish. In the same download,
patch 1.3 readies the game for playing the new adventure.

The Witcher Patch v1.3

The English language D’jinni beta adventure
editor will let fans craft complete new adventures for Geralt using the existing
graphical assets, maps and environments in the game. By creating new stories,
cut-scenes, graphical effects, dialogue and gameplay actions, users of the
adventure editor can let their imaginations run wild predicting the turmoil and
tests waiting in Geralt’s future, or even filling in the missing years between
the close of Andrzej Sapkowski’s last Witcher novel and the start of the game.

The Witcher D’jinni Adventure Editor v1.3

Based on the universe created by best-selling
Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher puts players in the role of Geralt,
a professional monster slayer who exists on the fringes of a complex society
troubled by the kind of problems more commonly found on the front pages of
newspapers than in a fantasy universe. Taken as a child, mutated, and trained in
the arcane ways of the witchers, Geralt is a reluctant hero, who nonetheless
finds himself all too frequently in the heat of battles that are not his own. In
this world there is no right or wrong, only decisions and consequences.

The Witcher is available now at retailers
across North America as a standard game pack and as a Limited Edition containing
a wealth of exclusive content. For more information about The Witcher visit