New One Piece: Grand Adventure Screenshots Released

June 28, 2006

New One Piece: Grand Adventure Screenshots

Take a tour of your favorite One Piece areas with
all new environment screenshots from One Piece: Grand Adventure for PlayStation
2 computer entertainment system and Nintendo GameCube. The pirates from the
South Seas are making a dramatic reappearance in this brand new "One Piece"
Game. Join Monkey D. Luffy in the chaotic battles we have come to expect from
the Strawhat crew, but this time with even more adventures featuring an
additional game-play mode and mini-game filled quests. Create ruthless pirate
gangs by teaming up with the likes of Chaser and Buggy the Clown, and search for
treasure in over 20 ocean maps. Players can chose from 24 main characters, and
with 50 more supporting characters waiting to be found, "One Piece: Grand
Adventure" is sure to bring hours of chaotic pirate battles, adventures, and

One Piece: Grand Adventure GameCube screenshots
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Take a glimpse into a pirate’s life with these
screens of six unique environments from "One Piece: Grand Adventure":

  • Fight head-to-head against Arlong to help Nami
    free her village at Arlong Park, but beware of the dangerous water pitfalls
    and the destructive Sea Cow that may be lurking right around the corner
  • Square off against Sanji and Don Kriegg on the
    Baratie, a popular, floating restaurant ship. Watch your step however; the
    shark infested waters down below may prove deadly
  • Keep your vertigo in check on Drum Castle,
    located dangerously high up on mountains. One wrong step can send you
    careening off the castle roof
  • Face off in scenic Fuusha Village with
    windmills, wooden fences, grassy lands, while avoiding a rampaging mad cow
  • Engage in a true test of skill in Holyland
    Maryjoie. This elevated platform in a city square features pillars that shake
    when struck and numerous items that players must utilize to ensure victory.
    Expect a shipload of mayhem on the Pirate ship where players must battle while
    avoiding cannon balls and axes thrown by giants.
  • Stay alert in Rogue town, where crafty rogues
    move the walls of the arena in every direction, forcing players to dodge laser
    beams and adapt to the ever-changing battle ground.
  • These environments provide players with
    exciting dynamic arenas where unsuspecting pirates will find interactive
    environments, booby traps and danger waiting for them every step of the way.

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