New NBA ’06 Video Trailers for PS2 and PSP

 NBA ’06 Video Trailers
for PS2 and PSP


Sony Computer Entertainment America today
released two new video trailers from the upcoming NBA ’06, coming exclusively
to the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)
entertainment system.


The video for PS2 highlights pre-draft action in
“The Life” mode, where gamers will have a chance to experience the life of a
rookie point guard in the NBA – on and off the court.  Mini-games shown in the
video will play a major part in developing character attributes and moving
through The Life story.


The PSP video emphasizes the smooth, 60
frames-per-second gameplay and shows a variety of in-game moves, shots, and
dunks.  The video also provides a glimpse of the virtual trading cards that
are acquired when conducting highlight-reel plays on the court.


NBA 06 PSP Trailer

NBA 06 PS2 Trailer


About NBA ’06 for PS2:

Allowing players to experience life in the NBA
on and off the court, NBA ’06 introduces all-new gameplay features, design,
and modes of play.

Introducing an all-new “Showtime Gameplay”
system, gamers affect real-time attributes for the character and teammates by
mastering various mission-based tasks within the game.  NBA ‘06 provides an
insider look at the association experience with “The Life: Vol. I”, where
players go behind the scenes to experience the excitement of being an NBA
player from draft night in NYC all the way to The Finals.  More than a dozen
types of training camp drills, mini-games, and crunch time scenarios are
available and the new Character Fidelity Engine, along with Eye-Toy™
functionality in exhibition mode, allow NBA ‘06 to create the most realistic
characters to date.


About NBA ’06 for PSP:

Expanding upon the best-selling 5-on-5
basketball simulation on PSP, NBA ’06 for PSP incorporates all-new game
design, animations, and mini-games for gamers to play anytime, anywhere.
Supporting up to two players via ad hoc or infrastructure mode, NBA ‘06 for
PSP offers the chance to play any of the 41 authentic NBA teams.  Two new
mini-games, HORSE and Dodgeball,

allow players to step away from traditional
5-on-5 play and engage in some classic schoolyard battles.  A new ladder
challenge gives players the opportunity to compete in increasingly difficult
mini-games or exhibition play where the goal is to complete the ladder and
earn rewards.

Additionally, an all-new trading card system
provides gamers an opportunity to capture freeze-frame shots of their favorite
drives, shots, passes, and dunks as virtual cards to keep and share with