New Media Manager for the PSP System

October 28, 2008

New Media Manager for the PSP

Sony Computer Entertainment America
(SCEA) released a new Media Manager for the PSP System today. Designed to
accommodate the expanding functionality of PlayStation®Portable (PSP), the Media
Manager grants access to the PlayStation®Store through the PC, easing the
process of browsing, purchasing, and downloading of games, movies and television
shows. The Media Manager also allows for organizing and syncing your music,
photos and other digital content for PSP.

“The latest firmware update for the
PSP provides today’s entertainment enthusiasts with a truly mobile entertainment
device by enabling the downloading of content on the go,” said Susan Panico,
senior director of PlayStation®Network, SCEA. “Because of the enhanced
functionality, we felt it was necessary to expand the role of the PC application
by giving users a means to further acquire and organize content for their PSP in
a way that is intuitive and familiar.”

With the recent PSP firmware update
(v. 5.01), PlayStation added direct access to PlayStation®Store on PSP, enabling
consumers to browse the store and download games whenever they’re at a Wi-Fi
hotspot. With the launch of the new Media Manager for PSP, the current URL
  will re-direct visitors to the new home

Users of the legacy Media Manager
will be able to update their software to incorporate the new features including
access to the PlayStation®Store. Consumers who own the retail version of Media
Manager (v2.5) will be able to upgrade to the online Media Manager PRO (v3.0)
for free.