New Games and a Classical Song to celebrate the First Birthday of Yetisports

New Games and a Classical Song to
celebrate the First Birthday of Yetisports

Vienna, 18.01.2005/ Yetisports, the
Flash-game with the penguin throwing Yeti, celebrates its first birthday on
19.01.2005. Celebrating with us are the 250 million members of the international

Birthday goodies include:

  • Two new games – including the
    first-ever multi-user version.

  • A classical version of the
    Yeti-song from the Vienna Symphonie Orchestra.

  • A new powerful server from IBM

  • Yeti-parties around the globe.

  • A new homepage at 

Exactly a year ago the Yeti made the
jump from mythological creature into the real world through the platform . Within just weeks
the game progressed from being a hot tip of the few to being an internationally
successful cult. Online and Cellular phone versions head the lists of the most
successful games ever in their respective fields. 2004 saw the release of the
game in seven parts. 330 partners in 66 countries offer the cell phone versions
of the Yetisports games. Between 600.000 and 800.000 people from 137 countries
visit the yetisports homepage
  to practice penguin throwing every day.

The two new games: Multiuser-Game
For the first time ever a multiuser version of Yetisports is being offered. In a
type of ‘penguin tennis’, two players can battle it out against each other,
regardless of whether they’re sitting in the same office or on opposite sides of
the world. Yetisports Part 1, DC The by now legendary Yetisports Part 1 has been
re-vamped with highlights such as improved graphics, cool extras and replay
function of those hits leading the high-score tables.

Yeti song as performed by the Vienna
Symphony Orchestra In a stimulating meeting of two worlds, the new with the
established classic, the 100-year-old Vienna Symphony Orchestra has recorded a
classical version of the Yeti-song.’ In both cases its about playing –
Yetisports in the online community and the orchestra in the concert hall’, said
Mag. Christoph Kufner of the Vienna symphony.

The technology behind Yetisports To
deal with the massive demand for the new games at Yetisports, IBM has kitted-out
the Edelweiss medienwerkstatt GesmbH with a new generation of server. The x346
model. ‘ This IBM eServer xSeries has been running full-throttle for a whole
year, day and night, without a single problem’, explains Gregor Sideris, Manager
of Enterprise System Sales Austria. ‘ That is the equivalent of putting ones
foot to the floor, down the highway, for a year. Without stopping for fuel.’
Since one year the Internet Service Provider Silver Server has been ensuring the
smooth-running of Yeti-games. ‘Of all the servers which we provide, the Yeti is
the one responsible, by-far, for the most transfer of data’, explains Oskar
Obereder, manager at Silver-Server. ‘All-together the penguin throwing
disciplines are responsible each month for the decoding of 100 teraBytes – that
is 1.000 gigabytes , or the content of around 50 billion written pages.’

Yetisports-Partys around the Globe
To let the Yeti and his penguins celebrate in style the Yetisports fan-community
is organising parties worldwide on 19.01. The Best party pics with find their
way onto the new website.

Yetisports is a product of the
Edelweiss medienwerkstatt GesmbH. 

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