New From Skyworks – Mad Miner

June 18, 2009

New From Skyworks – Mad Miner

Skyworks Interactive announce the
release of a new platform style action game called Mad Miner that is just as fun
and addictive as the other great Skyworks games.

In MAD MINER, dig your way through
10 levels of the most outrageous and unique mines ever. In this classic
“platformer-style” game, you help the Mad Miner collect gold nuggets and
precious diamonds throughout caverns filled with slithering snakes, flying bats,
and out-of-control mine cars. Use your pickaxe to dig your way further
underground or use the handy mining lifts, but always be on the lookout for
falling stalactites and other creepy creatures and obstacles.

MAD MINER features two soundtracks
and local and global high score boards, and many other great features and
activities, including:

  • CLASSIC ARCADE MODE: dig through
    10 outrageously unique and fun filled levels in the classic style of “MARIO”
    platform-style puzzle action

  • Obstacles: dodge flying bats,
    slithering snakes, falling stalactites and runaway mine cars

  • Collect diamonds to complete a
    level, and earn gems for completing levels

  • Collect gold nuggets to receive
    bonus points

  • SPECIAL PICKUPS: earn extra lives
    (Miner’s head), good health (heart) and time bonuses (hour glass)

  • Choice of two background music

  • Sound and Music volume controls


    against “miners” from hills all around the world

Fans of classic platform-style
adventure games will love  , as will fans of all the other fun and
addictive Skyworks games.