New EARTH 2160 Screenshots Now Available

EARTH 2160 Screenshots Now

Developed by Reality Pump Studios,
EARTH 2160 sees conflict arise as the remnants of the Eurasian Dynasty, Lunar
Corporation and United Civilized States terraform Mars following Earth’s
destruction. As the civilizations independently rebuild, a group of imprisoned
alien renegades is awakened from suspended animation. The groups must either
battle it out or band together as they try and survive the new alien threat.

EARTH 2160 takes advantage of the
latest cutting-edge pixel and vertex shaders, giving the game a look and feel
that is well ahead of other RTS titles running on more traditional graphics
engines. In addition to standard RTS features such as resource acquisition, base
building and destruction of enemy bases, EARTH 2160’s modular construction
allows players to customize buildings and units.

EARTH 2160 is scheduled to be
available in November for the PC.

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