New Dungeon Siege III Character Revealed

Square Enix and Obsidian have revealed the last of the four playable characters in their upcoming action RPG, Dungeon Siege III. The new character is Reinhart Manx, a mage and scholar of arcane magic. His abilities allow him to teleport and conjure blasts of energy.

While he looks a bit frumpy compared to the rest of the young and sexy cast, his skills are pretty cool. He has a laser light show vibe going on with his attacks, and he’s quite agile thanks to his teleport ability. His approach is a slightly different from the typical mage’s–rather than attack from a distance, he channels all his magical energy into powerful melee attacks.

He seems like a pretty unique character. Check out the video and let us know if you’ll choose him over the rest of the Dungeon Siege III. The game arrives June 17, after experiencing a small delay.

I’ve never had a chance to play the Dungeon Siege series but have always heard good things, and this one looks like a lot of fun. It seems to be in good hands with Obsidian, a developer that has a penchant for somewhat glitchy but brilliantly written games. The next couple months are packed with new releases, but Dungeon Siege III looks like it might be worth the choice.

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