New Dragon Quest Unveiling Next Week

Back in 2008, Dragon Quest X was announced by Yuji Horii, the designer of the series. He stated that the game would be arriving on the Wii. Of course, that was three years ago, when the Wii was still a console a lot of people talked about and played.

Now, it turns out Square Enix will unveil the next entry in the long-running RPG franchise. The company will make the big reveal via a press conference that will be aired on Ustream. The live stream will take place next week at 2PM in Japan. I have no idea what time that will be here in North America because I suck at that stuff, but feel free to find out on this crazy little thing we call the internet.

Most gamers think Square Enix is going to be making a major Dragon Quest X reveal, and they may very well be right. But will the game still launch for the Wii? I mean, Nintendo’s shiny console is no longer the hot commodity it once was.

Dragon Quest has managed to find a comfortable home on the Nintendo DS, so could we be in store for another portable entry in the series? Will Square Enix jump on board the 3DS train and announce the debut of Dragon Quest on Nintendo’s latest handheld? Tune in this coming Monday at 2PM (in Japan, remember?) to find out what Square Enix has in store.