New DLC for Valkyria Chronicles on the Way

April 8, 2009

New DLC for Valkyria Chronicles
on the Way

SEGA has announced new details on
downloadable content for their PS3 exclusive, Valkyria Chronicles. The content
packs will be available on PSN for download for $4.99 each on April 16th.

Details on the new downloadable

  • Hard EX Mode – fight your way once
    again through the entire Imperial army, where the enemies are more lethal and
    your main tank Edelweiss is unavailable. You’ll have to be more strategic in
    order to overcome your opponents.

  • Edy’s Mission “Enter the Edy
    Detachment” – six members have been separated from Squad 7 and on their
    journey to reunite with their squad, they stumble upon a tiny village under
    attack by the Imperial Army. Play as Edy and command your outnumbered team to
    defend the small village from annihilation.

  • Selvaria’s Mission “Behind Her
    Blue Flame”– Taking place right after the outbreak of Gallian battle lines,
    you play as Johann, a young and meek engineer assigned to Selvaria’s troop.
    See the action as it unfolds behind enemy lines and see the war play out
    through the eyes of the enemy.