New Dev Blog from Champions Online

May 16, 2008

New Dev Blog from Champions Online

Cryptic Studios has posted a new Dev Blog on the
website for their upcoming super-hero MMORPG, Champions Online. The blog can be
read in its entirety below.

You ask, we answer! Thanks to Arkayne, Continuum
and BraiNEateR for taking time out of their busy schedules to drop some info
about characteristics, Canada, neighborhood design and the costume creator!

Will there be characteristics such as
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, etc? (Gerebrand)

Arkayne (Lead Designer): Hey Gerebrand! We plan
to have characteristics in the game that represent different aspects of your
character. We are still working out the details of how exactly those
characteristics affect your character and by what degree, but we plan to allow
players to spend points to modify those characteristics as they progress in the
game – it is part of our goal for "complete customization" of characters.

Will there be bosses like Hamidon that will
require a large group of heroes using specific tactics to defeat? (Lokana)

Arkayne: Yes there are, Lokana! Right now we are
implementing an ancient evil northern god in Canada called Kigatilik who is
summoned into the world by his shamanic minion Tilingkoot. Kigatilik has ice
demon-hounds, frost powers and a nasty "Curse of Kigatilik" which requires teams
of players to react VERY carefully and quickly. It takes focused player
coordination to avoid the worst of his offensive abilities, defeat his minions
and take down Kigatilik himself. We have bosses like this spread throughout the
game so players will have plenty of opportunities for daring heroics on a
massive scale!

Were any of the "locations" that the player
will be experiencing brought out of the Champions RPG world, or were all of the
"zones" created from scratch? How and why did you approach making these
different "locations" in game, to ensure that not only would they be eye candy
for the player, but what interactions will players have on the zones or the
zones on players? (I.E.-if it rains, will electricity based heroes have more or
less effect, or will flame or fire based players have more or less effect in a
cold environment?) (Apostle)

Continuum (Lead Content Designer): We’ve pulled
all of our locations from the Champions IP where possible. Most of the areas in
the game will be easily recognizable by longtime Champions players. Sometimes
we’ve had to move things around a bit to make them work well in an MMOG
environment – real world layouts and distances don’t always translate to fun in
games – or so we get as many cool IP characters and locations as possible in our
Zones. When heading to the cold of the Canadian wilderness, players should be
prepared to face everything from Hunter Patriots tangling with the Steelhead
Division to Tilingkoot and his demonic minions.

We’ve also tried to provide players with a
collection of settings with distinct looks and feels. Fortunately it’s a large
and rich IP, so it wasn’t too hard for us to find really interesting
environments to play in. Even in the few areas that aren’t specific to the IP we
have used the Champions factions and organizations to create new stories that
bring the locations straight into the world players have come to love.

One of the goals in selecting the locations of
Champions Online was to create areas that were both visually distinct and had
varied gameplay. Things like hazards, random events and triggered events change
from map to map and players will have a different experience on each of them. We
are including things like volcanic explosions and icy whirlwinds to keep things

Are there going to be asymmetrical costume
options like one armed jackets/trench coats or a mutated arm? (TruthSeer)

BraiNEateR (Art Development Director): We have
put together some pretty awesome asymmetrical costumes. Obviously having
asymmetrical leg lengths would cause more nightmares than it is worth, but we
will be allowing arms, hands and feet to be scaled separately along with leg
width. We will, however, be allowing people to scale their wallets and play
Champions Online for ten years.

Will we be limited to 2 colors per costume piece
like in CoH or will we be able to choose gloves with tricolored patterns and
more? (Zalb)

To expand on Zalb’s question: Will costumes
have more than one pattern layer? (Marcellus)

BraiNEateR: The costume creator is much more
robust. Right now the player can have 4 colors per piece. Coloring is just the
first step to costume creation. The player will be able to pick costume
materials from a library. This will allow for metal, cloth, leather, etc. to be
applied to any piece of geometry. In addition to materials, the player will have
the ability to choose from a huge library of textures, woven fabric, canvas,

BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE! Players will even be
able to pick bumped details for each costume piece, and add rivets, wrinkles,
etc. from yet another library. And if that isn’t enough for you … then you
should ask your mom to make you a bad-ass Foxbat outfit out of your old Ocean
Pacific shirts.