New Demo Released for Darwinia

New Demo Released for Darwinia

October 24, 2005 — OK we’ll be the first to
admit it, we screwed up, the first demo just doesn’t do us justice…and now we’re
going to fix it. Welcome to the new realm of Darwinia…

Introversion Software releases a fantastic new

Darwinia demo
for those fresh to its ranks and even those already
acquainted. Witness the next stage in the Darwinian evolution and a whole new
level not featured in the original. Stunning visuals, an awesome iconic control
system and the latest in tutorial support make this new release an absolute

Enter the fray. Stop the Darwinia blood bath.
Several months in the making, Introversion Software launches its second Darwinia
demo after admitting that the first demo didn’t do justice to the full game. The
new demo acts as a sequel to the original, adding a further chapter to the
plight of the Darwinians and guaranteeing to intrigue new comers and seasoned
Darwinia fans alike. The new demo also introduces improvements in the form of an
iconic control system and accessible tutorial support for new players. Darwinia
is the latest highly acclaimed release from “the last of the bedroom
programmers”, Introversion Software. Set in a unique and stunningly surreal
retro world, the Darwinians are a sentient life form endangered by a deadly
virus. Your task is to eliminate the viral infection and save the Darwinians
with the aid of their creator, Dr. Sepulveda.

Download the demo
and stop the Darwinia massacre…