New Demo Available for Rig Racer 2

New Demo Available for Rig Racer 2

Metro 3D is Burning Rubber in The Data Design
Interactive fuel hungry beasts Rig Racer 2

Stourbridge England – October 14th, 2005 – Metro
3D are pleased to announce the demo for Rig Racer 2 developed by Data Design
Interactive is now available.

You can find the demo here:

Rig Racer 2 has the player driving massively
heavy Super Trucks as they speed round racing circuits. The player must learn to
control 5 tons of power cruising at a top speed of 160mph. Crashing into each
other, slamming the barriers, or sliding over the sand and grass that line the
circuit are all possibilities if the driver gets it wrong – controlling these
mammoths of the racing world is not for the faint hearted!

Players are not allowed to leave the track for
too long, or suffer penalties to their time. Damage taken from bad driving also
costs time, but can be repaired for free by entering the pit lane.

The driving experience is realistic, fast and
very heavy – giving an instantly different feel compared to any other racing

  • 5 race levels.
  • Daytime / Night time option.
  • 8 huge Super Trucks
  • Motion blur at high speeds
  • 3 Difficulty settings
  • Earn rewards to unlock extra vehicles and
  • Real time lighting – light up the track in
    night time mode.
  • Damageable vehicles
  • 3 weather conditions – sun, rain, snow.