New Conflict Desert Storm II Info


New Conflict Desert Storm II Info

Standing tall as the top game in the
UK after its recent release, Gotham Games’ Conflict: Desert Storm II –
Back to Baghdad
is shooting out of the gates looking just as strong as
its predecessor. Due to ship in the U.S. on October 7, Conflict:
Desert Storm II
presents the ultimate in tactical, squad-based military
action for the PS2, Xbox and PC, improving in every way upon the hit title
Conflict: Desert Storm, which has sold around three-quarters of a million copies
in the U.S. and more than one million-and-a-half worldwide. Along with your
favorite group of elite commandos — Bradley, the Team Leader; Jones, the Combat
Engineer; Foley, the Sniper and Connors, the Heavy Weapons Specialist —
Conflict: Desert Storm II  
features numerous graphical enhancements, vastly
improved enemy and squad AI, 14 massive and complex levels, and incredible
multiplayer co-op fun (two-players on PS2, up to four players on Xbox).  

Bradley, Foley, Jones and Connors are back to kick more butt. Below you’ll find
information on each character and their respective arsenals.

Squad Leader/RIFLEMAN
M16A2 Assault Rifle (Primary Weapon)
SIG 228 (Secondary Weapon)
Frag Grenades
Incendiary Grenades
Smoke Grenades

is the leader of the team, and the
lynchpin that holds it together. Highly skilled with all forms of assault rife
and pistol, he is formidable in combat. He has also had extensive training as a
Forward Observer, making him qualified to call in artillery support using his
communications set and laser-designate targets for air strikes. Notorious for
his calmness in high-pressure situations, he commands fierce loyalty from his
men. His superiors consider him the best patrol leader in the Special Forces.

Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Sniper Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Berretta 92F Pistol (Secondary Weapon)
Frag Grenades
Incendiary Grenades
Smoke Grenades


An expert sniper, Foley maxed out all the Special Forces marksmanship tests when
he joined up. He has instructor-level familiarity with every sniper rifle in use
by armed forces the world over, from the H&K PSG-1 and Barrett M82 ‘Light Fifty’
to the Accuracy International L96A1 and Russian-made Dragunov. An old friend of
Bradley’s from Basic Training, his favorite trick is taking down enemy officers
with a single bullet, sowing confusion and panic in enemy ranks.

Silenced MP5 (Primary Weapon)
Remington 870 Shotgun (Secondary Weapon)
C4 and Detonator
Anti-Tank Mine
Frag Grenades
Incendiary Grenades
Smoke Grenades


Jones is an expert at infiltration and demolition. Often, the first the
enemies know about him is when the installation they are guarding goes up in a
huge explosion. His weapon of choice is the MP5-SD, a silenced sub-machine gun
that can fire 10 rounds a second without making a noise to alert nearby troops.
In his pack, he carries anti-tank mines and C4 plastic explosive, with which he
can deal with almost any target the team encounters.

M60 E3 Machine Gun  (Primary Weapon)
Desert Eagle (Secondary Weapon)
Frag Grenades
Incendiary Grenades
Smoke Grenades


Heavy Weapons support for the team is provided by Connors. Huge and muscular, he
has no problem toting the M60 machine gun around the battlefield, which he uses
to hammer enemy troops with sustained and accurate fire. He has saved the lives
of his comrades on countless occasions, single-handedly holding off large
numbers of hostiles and giving them time to escape. He is never seen without at
least one anti-tank rocket slung over his shoulder, and he is an expert at
taking down armored vehicles with his precision shooting.
Here is just a handful of the powerful weaponry that your team will use to take
out Iraqi forces.

Colt M16A2 (USA)
The M16 first entered service in the 1960s. After initial problems, it
became the standard NATO assault rifle. The newer and sturdier M16A2 has all the
benefits of the original, but its automatic fire mode is limited to a 3-shot
burst for efficiency. This version is fitted with an M203 single-shot 40mm
grenade launcher.

Kalashnikov AK-47 (Russia)
The most popular assault rifle in the World, this rifle can be found in the
armies of the Warsaw Pact, Middle East and Third-World countries.

Heckler & Koch MP-5SD (Germany)
This is essentially a silenced MP-5, the World-renowned sub-machine gun. It
fires standard 9mm ammunition, but the silencer reduces the muzzle velocity to
subsonic speeds. This greatly reduces the muzzle flash and also the firing
report. Used by Special Forces World-wide, this weapon is ideal for covert

Accuracy International L96A1 (UK)
The standard sniping rifle of the British army. This is the moderated
version, featuring an integral silencer. It is used by special forces as a long
range ‘silent kill’ weapon.

Barrett ‘Light Fifty’ M82A1 (USA)
One of the first heavy sniping rifles to achieve battlefield success. The
Barrett uses a large .50 calibre round, which has an effective range of over
1500 meters.

Franchi SPAS12 (Italy)
The Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun is notable for being able to fire in
either pump-action or semi-automatic modes, making it ideal for numerous roles

M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) (USA)
The M249 was developed to replace the shortfall the U.S. Army had in a
squad-based automatic weapon, one that had never been fulfilled since the
retirement of the WW2-era BAR in the 1950s. Using the same round as the M16A2,
it is a lightweight and reliable weapon, reckoned to be provide the same amount
of firepower as 10 M-16 riflemen in defense.

LAW 80 (USA)
The LAW 80 is a one-shot disposable Rocket launcher adopted by NATO forces
during the late 80s. Although rather cumbersome, its 94mm rocket is capable of
disabling, or even destroying, Main Battle Tanks, especially if a hit is made on
thinner rear armor facings.

FIM-92 Stinger (USA)
The FIM-92 Stinger is an American-made, shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft
missile. It has advanced Infra-red homing capabilities. This missile is
particularly deadly against Helicopters.