New Commander in Chief Trailer Released

January 6, 2009


Trailer shows what players face
as President Barack Obama

Commander in Chief, a geo-political
simulation game for PCs that puts players in President Obama’s shoes, today
released a new trailer showing what players can do if they were the President,
guiding the U.S. in an unstable world. The game will be available at retail
stores nationwide and online at starting on Inauguration Day, January
20, 2009.

Click here to download the trailer
Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief can be played
alone or with up to 16 friends online. Players become President Obama, or
another world leader of choice, and face the same problems and challenges as in
the real world – the economy, energy, national security, terrorism,
environmental issues, military actions, building alliances to effect change, and
many other activities.

Commander in Chief is played on a
detailed 3D world map on a screen similar to what we see on cable news programs
— multiple windows, scrolling ticker tapes, and on-screen video inserts. Player
Presidents begin by selecting members of their Cabinet and heads of states from
250 personality types and 20 variables including age, gender, religion,
charisma, competence, and popularity, among many other variables.

Players – just like President Obama
– will be forced to immediately make critical decisions starting January 20th,
and live with the in-game consequences of those decisions. As examples, players
can decide what course of action to take in the Iraqi War, monitor what’s
happening at 1,000 military bases around the world, decide what actions to take
to fix the global economic crisis, and build alliances by meeting with other
Presidents, Prime Ministers, and dictators – all with the persistent threat of a
terrorist attack on a major U.S. city, and the possible invasion of the U.S. by
foreign military forces.

Domestic issues facing players
include what to do about unemployment, alternative energy sources, the stock
market, interest rates, the environment, social security, and scores of other
important issues.

To make the geo-political simulation
as close to “real world” as possible, each of the 192 countries in Commander in
Chief has current data on 400 such key factors.

In addition to managing all these
issues, players are also constantly faced with actions of other foreign leaders,
and react in real time to new situations which may or may not force players to
modify strategies or take decisive action, just like in the real world.

Commander in Chief was developed by
Eversim, published by IGS (Interactive Gaming Software based in Maryland), and
distributed in North America by Atari Distribution. The game is marketed as
Politik Simulator in Germany, World Leader in Australia, Mission President in
France, Yo Presidente in Spain, and Выборы-2008. Геополитический симулятор in
Russia in which each player can become the leader of his or her respective

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