New City of Villains Screenshots and Trailer

March 2, 2006

New City of Villains Screenshots and Trailer

NCSoft has released some new assets to highlight
their upcoming additions to City of Villains, Issue 7: Destiny Manifest. The new
update, which will be free to subscribers, gives content to players Level 40-50
like a new area (Grandville) and brand new content. Issue 7: Destiny Manifest
will release this April.

City of Villains PC screenshots
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About Issue 7: Destiny Manifest

Rising from the gritty streets, slate grey
buildings ascend into the sky, blotting out the sun and driving Grandville into
the blackness of perpetual night. Among the shadows, the city is a dense jungle
of skyscrapers linked together by walkways and bridges. Below are the castaways,
infiltrators, and mutated creatures too terrible to mention. Above are the less
wild but more cunning hunters, like spiders waiting to pounce.

Because it is so small, rather than grow outward,
the island was forced to build upward, leaving those with the least power
cast-off at the lowest levels of the city’s strata. Already fortress like, when
Lord Recluse took over the region he chose Grandville as the location for his
capital and built himself a massive watchtower complex called the WEB. Now
Recluse’s citadel soars above this stratified city, the pinnacle atop a ladder
of power.

Passing through the streets of Grandville it is
possible to catch an occasional glimpse into the Gutters below. Through
imperfect junctions, missing grates, and open sewage pits, a vertigo-inducing
drop plunges into the darkness of the Gutter where the dredges of Grandville
lurk. Unable to effectively control the creatures hidden here, Recluse has an
Arachnos Flier patrol the area, its only goal to annihilate all living things in
its path.

With the completion of Grandville, Recluse has
spun his web and now lays hidden, luring those he seeks to destroy, a patient
hunter setting his trap for an unsuspecting prey.